3 Reasons to Boost Your Video Reach with Influencers

Promoting your videos online is just as essential to an effective marketing campaign as producing great video content in the first place. And like video production, video promotion is often easier said than done. That’s why we recommend you arm yourself with a secret (or perhaps not-so-secret) weapon: an influencer who can help you get the word out with efficiency and ease.

Influencer marketing is all the rage these days, and it’s working, too. Here are three ways an influencer partner can help boost your video’s reach and effectiveness online.

Word-of-Mouth Access to a Targeted Audience is Video Converting Gold
The Digital Age might have given us plenty of fancy new marketing tricks, but some of the best tactics are the oldest—they’ve just been given a more modern twist. Word-of-mouth is a perfect example; even with all of the marketing channels available today, marketing-inspired word-of-mouth is twice as likely as marketing alone to convert a new customer, and customers converted via word of mouth show 37% better retention.

An influencer, by definition, is someone an audience trusts more than their typical friend or colleague. Any time an influencer shares your video, they’re giving you a word-of-mouth boost above and beyond anything your average customer can provide. Make your video useful to your influencer and valuable to the audience you share, and getting them to send out a link on Twitter or elsewhere shouldn’t be too hard—and could be surprisingly valuable.

Gain Audience Insights from Influencer Intelligence
Sharing is just the beginning of the contribution an influencer can make you your marketing videos’ success. They can also help you figure out how to better approach your audience, both when it comes to choosing channels and promotional techniques and when it comes to planning and creating your videos themselves.

Think about it: influencers already know how to reach out, engage, and compel their audiences. That’s what makes them an influencer. While you’ll no doubt bring your own research, experience, and insights to the table, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Talk to influencers in your space about how they built their audience and what they recommend when it comes to your video marketing, and put that advice to work. Any influencer who senses you’re receptive to their expertise is going to be far more likely to promote you to their crowd, too.

Put Influencers IN Your Videos to Really Boost Your Numbers
Having an influencer share your videos with their audience is great. Having an influencer hop on a video to talk to your audience can be even better—and of course, they’ll share the video with their own audience, too. Interview them, get the to share three winning tips related to your product or service, spice things up with a bit of (family friendly) humor, and promote the video with a pre-upload social media blitz.

Your customers will love you for introducing them to an expert and sharing some one-of-a-kind insights, the influencer will love you for helping to grow their influence, and you’ll love everyone when you see the substantial ROI of these easy approach to branded video.