As Online Video Explodes, Quality Trumps Quantity

As Online Video Explodes, Quality Trumps Quantity

As Online Video Explodes, Quality Trumps Quantity

As you’re probably aware, online video is huge and growing fast. Technological advances have made video production, distribution, and consumption easier and cheaper at every level:

  • Digital cameras make high-quality video easy to capture
  • Uploading and livestreaming are easy with abundantly available WiFi and 4G service
  • A proliferation of platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and others means there’s always an audience somewhere
  • Smartphones and tablets mean you can create videos—and consumers can watch them—anywhere

With so much opportunity it’s easy to get caught up in trying to pump out as many videos as you can for your brand, livestreaming “spontaneous” fun that erupt in your office, and doing product demos and personal intro videos of your staff from the CEO to the guy who cleans the offices at night. Video is hot stuff right now, after all, so why not go big?

We won’t tell you not to make a bunch of fun, easy, short videos if you want. If your team enjoys creating them and you’re getting good responses from your audience, awesome! But we will tell you that in the online video game, as in the rest of the marketing world, the best strategy is to create the best videos. Focusing on the quality of your videos rather than the quantity will help you stand out and attract fans a whole lot faster.

Online Video’s Growth is a Mixed Blessing

Businesses of all types and sizes have an enormous opportunity with the surge of online video, there’s no question. Businesses of all types and sizes are also trying to capitalize on that opportunity, though, and that leads to a crowded space with a lot of people shouting for attention. If your video strategy is focused purely on quantity, you’re simply trying to out-shout everyone else.

At best, your gains will be incremental and temporary. More likely, you’ll get a trickle of views on your videos from people who are already engaged with you on social media, and that will be that.

If you truly have something to say, though, and you say it in a compelling way, your voice will cut through the crowd. A few people around you hear it and tell a few more, and suddenly you have the crowd’s attention. High-quality, original, purpose-driven video lets you get your voice out, not by shouting yourself hoarse but by speaking with purpose, clarity, and passion.

Chances are your brand isn’t about getting as much done as quickly as possible and hoping it works. We’re betting you bring more passion to what you do. And we want to help you make videos that put that passion on display in no uncertain terms. It’s not about volume, it’s about value, and Lava Studio can help you create and deliver value with your online videos. Get the attention your brand deserves with videos your audience will actually respond to.

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